Just as we were preparing to release more information on Drummond’s shady history from previous companies under his directorship, we were alerted to the fact that Drummond has been sending around the following email to deflect your attention from this website:

Unfortunately, it’s likely that you have received phishing emails purporting to be from me when in fact they are not.

The companies Google Workspace Account (gmail, contacts, and documents), LinkedIn, and domain accounts have been hacked and under a concerted cyber-attack since 7 August by an ex-senior employee and consultant to the company who left our employment in May 2023.

There is an ongoing police investigation by the UK Cyber Crime Unit, and National Crime Agency who are Investigating this attack as a Cyber Crime and live extortion attempt.

Please disregard these emails and block the follow email addresses and domains; [email protected] and [email protected]

His motivation is financial, and there is no merit in his allegations. If you are a shareholder, I will be sending further information in due course.

Kind regards, Jason Drummond

Gaming Technologies UK and US

Jason Drummond, CEO
US Mobile +1 213-800-8808
UK Mobile/WhatsApp: +44 7841 888 888

What is Jason Drummond doing?

  • He doesn’t want to answer why the company has been delisted from OTC.
  • He doesn’t want to explain the $18,000,000+ disappearance.
  • He doesn’t want to explain how the company has millions of dollars of debt and why those debts were never paid.
  • He doesn’t want to explain why several material debts were never disclosed in filings.
  • He doesn’t want to explain how most of his previous companies have mysteriously ended up in the same position as GMGT.
  • He doesn’t want to explain his associations with wanted and convicted criminals with whom he obviously tried to set up a pump and dump scheme.
  • His only goal appears to be to discredit the whistleblower and to deflect your attention from our website.

Regardless of the whistleblower, as an investor, supplier, or staff member of GMGT who has lost money, your only question should be “but where is all the money?” – even if the information published on this website from the whistleblower were false, it is still a fact that GMGT has no money and no staff beyond its “CEO”, who has been invoicing the company for his “salary” of over $1,400,000 USD in four years (see section “F-20” on the 2021/2022 10-K, and section “F-17” on the 2019/2020 10-K).

The company has been delisted from OTCQB and from OTC Pink onto the Expert Market, where its value sits at $0.001: – how does that happen? Why did the previous company go into administration? How did the same director manage to buy the assets and go on to list the company on a public market in another country where it mysteriously failed again?

There are too many questions to be answered by the man who never lies (a little snippet from our upcoming publication on Teathers – another Drummond Disaster):

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